Style is the person, and it reflects the way you want to look and your personality. That statement is also true for web designers like myself. When you talk about yourself, you are talking about a brand. The principles are similar when you want to render your own clothes online.

Establishing a way of dressing that is true to your personality goes a long way towards looking right for every occasion and never appearing under-or over-dressed.  Dressing to suit the occasion, as well as to complement your shape, in clothes that are both attractive and practical is the art of dressing well.


Style is individual and is different for each person and impossible to define in general terms – what looks super stylish on one woman may look ridiculous on another.

In creating your own unique style, you will develop the confidence to treat fashion with a healthy and interested respect, to what flatters and discard what doesn’t.  Fashion should always be fun, so use it to make it work for you.

There is also no sin in being a chameleon, and there are literally hundreds of fashion roles to play, so you can act as many characters as you wish. Just like you transfer web design ideas you can transfer fashion ideas.

People who have this personal conviction about the way they want to look, will always look great. This statement is so true for a fashion and web designer. It doesn’t matter if they are wearing something from the seventies or the twenties, or the most current fashions.  It is not so much a matter of joining the ranks of the fashionable, but a manifestation of their own individuality.

It is your personality that makes dressing such fun, so aim for your very own style.  You can be daring, sexy or elegant, but the secret is knowing how to dress to flatter your own figure.


Over the years dressing has served a practical purpose as well as telling a story of power, fortune, religion, professional and family status.  Regardless of the era, fashion has always been, and will always be one of the world’s biggest industries.  It is an industry that remains imaginative and it will always provide women with an opportunity to express their individualities.

Self-awareness is an obvious prerequisite for true style, and it is important that you know your body, and your personality, and that once you have taken note of the fashion principles, you begin to trust your instincts.  Try to always wear what you know will make you feel comfortable and look good.

Clothes constantly reflect what a person is about, but they don’t alter or change the substance of the person.  The way to develop your own style, is to try to develop a certain look of your own, something of yourself that people can identify you with.  One way you can learn about style is by observing people you admire, and understanding why their clothes work for them.  Then you could adopt a few of their principles, but you should never be a carbon copy of anyone else.

Your Style Personality
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