A brilliant design with unique aspects is all you need to develop a brand identity. Hi, this is Jan Rajtoral. Let me be introduced to you as a passionate Dutch graphic and web designer. All I care about designing a good communication to your targeted audiences.

Let me tell you some of my strategies that I strictly follow to build a brand identity. Yes, surely there are some techniques you need to apply to successfully reach your audience. I believe, both the client and me, need to know what are the set of values that we are agreeing to form. A simple briefing without detail information about the brand may end up with an unexpected result. So, what is most important to me is a good briefing about the strategy and policy that are clear to both of us.

I have a great skill of research that I use to brand the company or build up an identity. It is equally important to have a thorough research on the history of the brand to describe the exact personality of the brand. I need to know exactly who are my targeted audiences and the motive of my client as well. That is the one thing I love to do out of my passion.

I love to communicate through my designs that works best for branding the company and fulfilling my client’s demand. All I care about the overall satisfaction of my client who approaches to me with an expectation.

What is your preferred design or references on a brand identity? Well, you need to clear me about all the things you expect from this design.  Once I understand your expectations, you will get a quicker result and more smoother way for me working with your brand.

With all these years of experiences, I have mastered the art of creating a complete unique design that will place you on top of all the related competition. It is always great to have the client beside whenever I need to discuss the colors or sizes of the design. Once we get comfortable with all the points and discussion, it is just a matter of time to create something that is far more away and rated as best among all others.

I am a person who believes that brand is not all about a logo. A logo is the thing that represents the overall situation or the interrelation of all the things that work together in the brand.

I give importance  mostly to my client’s opinion because I believe no matter how experienced I am, I know less about the exact product than you (my client).

After all these years of successful assignments, I have learnt to find out that one special thing about your brand that makes it unique. That is my weapon to start a journey of success. All you need to know is how you can get easy access of the global market to reach your audience through the internet marketing. The more accessible your design in the global market, the quicker successful brand identity you create.

My passion and a success story
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