I’ve got a different kind of post this week. For those who are new. Welcome to the Jan Rajtoral blog. Today I am going to talk a bit about bedroom design. I’ve gotten pretty bored of the Dutch design style that has been adopted here. I was seeking some fresh inspiration in Spain the other day and it struck me to post about it. Are you looking for bedroom design ideas for small bedroom? Commonly people think that having small bedroom means that the creativity of decorating is limited. But I don’t think so. You can still have many ideas even you have small space. Here are some ideas to decorate your small bedroom that you can follow.

#1: Avoid Clutter

Avoiding clutter is a must and not just a recommendation. Clutter in your bedroom must be removed such as old bills, scraps of paper, old bills, kids toys etc. You can put then in appropriate places. Remember that clutter will narrow the already limited space in your interior small bedroom.

 #2: Choose right furniture

It’s important to choose right furniture if you have small bedroom. It is better to choose tall and slim furniture which has simple design and few details than using a wide and short wardrobe or dresser. It is better to use the furniture in order to make illusion of more spacious room. Then you can choose queen-sized bed than a king sized bedroom to save more space. The bed with storage space under the bed is better because the place normally is wasted and there is much dust there.

#3: Keep Everything Simple

Not only the furniture, window decoration, flooring and bedding must be achieved simplicity. Ornament, heavy patterns and material must be avoided and you have to choose them in light colors. It’s better to choose light curtains, single pattern which match with wall colors. The best option for small bedroom is blinds. Remove unnecessary things from inside your bedroom. You can place them in more spacious area in other room.

#4: Use Bright Colors Paint

You can choose bright colors such as soft pink, sea green, or baby blue than using dark colors. Dark colors will just make your small bedroom look smaller that the reality is but bright colors will enhance the impression of a roomy space.

#5: Good Lighting

Any time of lamp can be used for small bedroom except floor lamps. It’s better to use lamp mounted on the wall to save space. To create illusion of huger room, the lamp can be installed and place them nearby the bed. It’s better to use lamps with gentle and soft light than use glaring lights.

 Do all these but the lighting is extremely important. You can pretty much make any bedroom with any furniture look great if you have sufficient lighting. Its perfect for those who like to rise early in the morning. I too love it when the curtains are pulled back and the room’s elegant design is on display.

5 Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Space
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